Who We Are

We are researchers. We are data crunchers. We are marketing and sales specialists. We are consultants. We are experts. In short, we are your best possible business partner when it comes to making decisions about anything housing or development nationwide. Builders, developers, lenders, suppliers, retailers, utilities and others rely on us to provide all the information they need to make million dollar decisions every day.


Mike Castleman and Mike Inselmann

Metrostudy is the leading provider of primary and secondary market information to the housing and related industries nationwide. Established in 1975 in Houston, we began as a market research firm founded by Mike Castleman and Mike Inselmann, our leaders to date. In Houston, we surveyed single-family residential subdivisions and perfected the lot-by-lot survey methodology that sets the industry standard today.

We have adapted to available technology through the years, and now offer Metrosearch, a powerful computer application that allows our clients to access information quickly and easily. Our services have been sought after nationwide, and we currently offer an extensive network of offices in major metropolitan areas through the country.

Metrostudy not only offers you the information you seek. We  are recognized for our consulting expertise on development, marketing, and economic issues, and we provide research studies evaluating the marketability of residential and commercial real estate projects.