Metrostudy Housing Industry Market Sentiment Survey – 3Q 2012

Posted in Economy, In The News, Market Sentiment Survey, National Housing Market | Posted on 07-17-2012 | Written by Mike Castleman

Metrostudy has been conducting a quarterly market sentiment survey for just under 10 years.  The purpose of the survey is to assess the general and specific sentiment of key segments of the homebuilding industry.  The survey is sent to approximately 15,000 participants in the homebuilding industry: builders, lenders, brokers and developers.  On average, Metrostudy has enjoyed a 4 to 5% response rate from those sent the survey .

The most recent 3Q 2012 survey reflects the most significant surge of confidence reflecting a trend that has been building for last 12 months.  The chart below provides a stark reflection that the heavy lingering malaise from a year ago has been replaced by a temperament of optimism if not in fact enthusiasm by those participating in the housing industry.

Market Grade

Industry positive views of traffic conditions (buyer enthusiasm) are but buttressed by firm conviction Read the rest of this entry »