Our Products

As a leading research company in the housing industry, we offer a few products to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for complete accurate comprehensive market data or a consultant to analyze simple data or fully documented studies, we are able to assist you.

The below summarizes Metrosearch Online, our web application for market research, and our much sought after Consulting services.

metrosearch_onlineMetrosearch Online
Metrostudy would like to introduce you to our next generation web-based application, Metrosearch Online v2. With this online research tool, you can:
• Search Metrostrudy housing data variables
• Export custom data
• Save sessions and use collaborative tools
• See data in virtual Earth maps and imagery
• Import custom maps
• See up-to-date parcel boundaries and property transactions
Metrosearch Online v2 includes new home subdivision data reaching back to the year 2000, as well as the most current maps, aerials, and parcels available. Rich content, full featured maps, and extensive output capabilities are all accessible with this robust and easy-to-use application. Click here for Technical Requirements and training information.

Metrostudy experts produce the best-documented, most complete, and most comprehensive market studies available, completely customized to your needs. We can provide anything from quick preliminary analyses to fully documented studies that stand up to the toughest scrutiny.

We offer many residential study types, including:
• Trade Area Reports
• Market Demand Studies
• Loan Portfolio Valuation Studies
• Demographic Growth Studies

For a complete description of these major residential studies and a listing of the various special studies, such as analysis, studies and consulting services we offer, click here.

Contact Metrostudy today to discuss your needs and how our consulting team can assist you in developing strategies designed to help you meet your goals.