Why Metrostudy?

bookStackAt Metrostudy, we do more than provide information and analysis. We provide confidence. By immersing ourselves in the marketplace, we have cultivated our local expertise to service the most successful companies across the country. Our range of clients includes builders, developers, lenders, suppliers, retailers, utilities and others who rely on us to provide the confidence they need to make million dollar decisions.

At Metrostudy, we maintain the country’s largest database of primary housing market information and deliver a highly personalized consulting service based on the best data available. This isn’t an easy undertaking. We have hundreds of dedicated field researchers that drive the streets of every platted new home subdivision, inspect every home site and record primary data on housing activity every 90 days. This allows us to provide you with the most complete and accurate information on undeveloped and vacant lots, housing starts and closings, product and pricing.

It doesn’t stop there. We take this primary research information and fuse it with secondary research information that we obtain from other sources on future developments, demographics, job growth and economy. We then use cutting edge computer applications to sort information, run reports and create graphs and thematic maps on Market Maps you define, from one subdivision to an entire MSA.

Our unparalleled expertise in not only providing the most complete and accurate information in the industry but also helping you understand how this vital information applies to your business is what sets us apart.